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E116: Bobby Pin with the Cotter Pins

Joe almost loses out on the profits of his second job again, he eats something strange, basically his wife is trying to poison him.  Weston brings in a story for the gang to discuss.  Joe talks about a confusing Tundra he worked on…

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E115: Wedding Shenanigans

Joe, Weston and Mike talk about a couple weddings they attended.  Joe did not behave in a classy manner, Weston doesn’t remember how he behaved.  The fellas talk about a CARtastrophe on Joe’s car, Mike has a customer related CARtastrophe.

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E114: Play-Dateastrophe

Joe, Jason and Randy talk about the strange things kids do.  Randy has a Polaris disaster, Joe has one about a Kia with inop A/C.  Joe had a terrible confluence of events involving his kids and a wasp nest.

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E113: Polarapocolypse!

Joe and Jason are joined by the infamous Randy Nelson!  The guys talk about a ton of crap, from LED shop lighting, to Elon Musk doing too much ambien.  Joe talks about Tom having a case of automotive hypochondria.  Randy talks about a Polaris apocalypse he worked on.

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E112: Fast and Furious Commentary

Pretty simple, Joe and Weston recorded a commentary on the epic film Fast and Furious.  Press play when Joe says and listen along!

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E111: Shadowsaster

Joe and Weston talk about Weston’s new hobby, flipping cars!  Joe shares how easily he is led into projects with Weston.  The boys talk about a catapulting Isuzu and a Honda Shadow that will not run right no matter what they do.

Here’s the rotted frame on that Isuzu…

And here are the jets from Wes’s Shadow.

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E110: Cakemergency

The show starts off with a CARtasshole making some engine noises while he recites poetry.  Joe and Weston talk about a couple local Pilot CARtastrophes.  Joe talks about raising his 2 kids and his wife, who crippled herself in a baking disaster, a Cakemergency.  Joe does his best valley girl impersonation.  The guys play the Top Model Game.

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E109: Alan Mulally Episode 2

Joe and Jeff continue their exploration of Ford’s rise from the ashes during the economic collapse as detailed in the best-selling book American Icon.

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E108: Alan Mulally Episode 1

Joe and Jeff talk about a book, American Icon, about the turn-around CEO Alan Mulally and his exploits in saving Ford from bankruptcy.

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