About Us


First and foremost subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher if you want to get to know us, if you search for CARtastrophe365 you should find us… ok, on to the touchy feely stuff.

Joe and Todd are both a part of a team that does after-market technical support for automotive repair technicians.  They specialize in the Asian car makes: Honda, Toyota, Nissan etc.  Joe has a focus on Honda specifically, Todd has a focus on Subaru.  They each have a mixed background of after-market shop experience as technicians themselves, as well as experience in dealerships.  Todd even worked for Saab for a while, don’t worry though, he is smarter than a career move like that would suggest.

Joe has a wife named Stef and two lovely little kids, Isaac and Sophia. Isaac has already demonstrated a tendency towards figuring things out mechanically.  So naturally Joe encourages him with pamphlets like “Have you ever thought about being a Dentist?”  Sophia is 19 months old at the time this was written, she has shown mainly a tendency towards smacking her dad in the face, and pole dancing on the divider at church.  She’s gonna be just fine, that one.

Todd has a wife and some kids too.  It’s unclear about how many he has, he seems to make a couple every few years or so.  His youngest one is named Gauge, I know that much.  He’s pretty sweet.  And by sweet I mean bad, like Michael Jackson bad, so he’s good.  I think that’s how it’s spelled… Gauge… maybe Gage?  Anyway, in case it’s not clear who’s writing this “about us” section it’s me Joe.  Hello.  I’m a terrible friend and I apparently don’t pay any attention to anything that doesn’t have to do with me.  Sorry the intimate details of Todd’s life isn’t being put on display here.  Why don’t you shoot him an email about it if you really want to know.  Or glean as much about his family as you can by hiding in the bushes outside his house using binoculars, that’s how I did it.  I’m old fashioned that way though.

Where Joe & Friends talk about the automotive industry and car related catastrophes.